Schools & Colleges

Preparation for Employment

There are a variety of ways that we can assist schools to meet their obligations with regard to work experience opportunities.

We can prepare students for the work place whilst supporting the transitional period from the school environment to the next step of College, and thereafter the world of employment. We have training packages that can be adapted to suit your students’ needs and the required outcomes.

We have found in the past that the students have really benefited from having the course delivered by trainers from the world of commerce, still in a familiar environment of their classrooms. The training is aimed at giving the student a taste of the commercial, adult world whilst remaining in their safe and familiar surroundings.

Our packages can be adapted to reinforce and compliment your existing advice and guidance, careers or vocational classes.

Our methods of delivery are varied and not necessarily ‘chalk and talk’. We use role play, quizzes and group discussion we keep the students motivated and engaged, challenging them to consider seriously their future choices.

We can deliver our packages within school/college terms or during school/college holiday times eg summer school

Training Courses

We have classified our training into two groups, that which focuses on Employment and Independent Living.

Employment Focused

Independent Living
Travel Training
Keeping Safe
Personal Hygiene and Presentation
Stress Management
Self Image
Work Ethic
Work Preparation

Independent Living

Sexual Health

External training

Health and safety at work
First Aid
Food Hygiene
Vocational training i.e forklift Licence, diplomas etc

This is not an exhaustive list.