How we provide training.

On receipt of your referral we will arrange to meet with your client, and yourself where appropriate, within 14 days.

We will undertake various assessments, including basic skills in numeracy and literacy using the Basic Skills Agency assessment.

Together with your client we will write a Vocational Profile, which records education, qualifications, skills and experience. It also records a person’s aspirations, and will identify where they may need support for independent living or employment, what training they may benefit from and will also highlight what jobs would be suitable for them.

Once the best/most appropriate/suitable training has been identified, we will look at how this can best be delivered for your client.

At Tess we deliver bespoke training to small groups or individuals. We have various venues around the county for the delivery of training. Sometimes learning is more beneficial being delivered in an individual’s own home, for example, survival cookery, using their equipment is often many people’s preferred method. The in-house training is non-accredited but if accreditation is required the customer can be sign posted to another training organisation or we can buy in training for small groups.

How we can support your client’s training:

Once we have identified your clients training needs, together with your client we will plan how these needs will be met using our SMART PDP. The Personal Development Plan is an important agreement we will have in place. The plan will highlight what your clients goals are for training and how these goals are to be achieved. We will agree together how often we will review the plan. This way you can clearly see how much progress your client has made.

We offer a range of support to enable your client to fully access their training. We can accompany your client to any sign posted training for the first session, to offer moral support and to make sure they are comfortable. If required we can continue this to support their literacy and numeracy needs.

We specialise in supporting people who have low level literacy and numeracy skills, and employ fully qualified and experienced job coaches, qualified to the standards recommended in Valuing Employment Now.

Training Courses:

We have classified our training into two groups, that which focuses on Employment and Independent Living. This is not an exhaustive list of the training we offer. If we cannot deliver what your client needs we can sign post them to the most appropriate training provider.

Employment Focused

In house
Travel Training
Keeping Safe
Personal Hygiene and Presentation
Stress Management
Self Image
Work Ethic
Work Preparation
Survival Cooking

Independent Living

Sexual Health

External training

Basic Skills in Literacy, numeracy and I.T.
First Aid
Food Hygiene
Health and safety at work
Vocational training i.e forklift Licence, diplomas etc/td>

This is not an exhaustive list.