Customers And Their Parents/Carers

We can provide support tailored to your needs and wishes to enable you live independently in your own home and access your local community.

To help identify your support needs, together we will complete a Vocational Profile and if necessary we can also involve your family, teachers and practitioners with the profile.

Using the information gained from the Vocational Profile we will work with you to draw up a Personal Development Plan where we will record your support needs, your personal goals and the actions required to achieve these. Again we can involve your support network and your practitioner to help draw up your plan.

You will have a dedicated Personal Coach to provide the support outlined on your Personal Development Plan. Together with your Coach your Plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains appropriate and update it as necessary.

We do not provide personal care and we do not ‘do for you’.  What we aim to do is provide a level of support which ‘enables you’ to live independently and actively encourages you to develop skills that with time will make you less dependent on your personal coach.

Some of the services we offer:
  • Read and interpret your mail and support any necessary action
  • Check you are receiving all benefits you are entitled to
  • Check that you fully meet the criteria for the benefits you are receiving and monitor regularly
  • Renew Working Tax Credits
  • Financial management i.e. budget setting, monitoring bank accounts.
  • Support for appointments with CAB, district Council etc
  • Advocacy
  • Build up natural support networks
  • Wellbeing and managing risk i.e keeping safe, safe routes, travel training, encouraging healthy lifestyles, sexual health, attending health appointments, shopping and cooking
  • Accessing local community for services and social integration
  • Booking and supporting holidays

Many of our training packages can be adapted and delivered by your Personal Coach in your own home, for instance Survival Cooking.  Using your own equipment you can learn to safely prepare a few, fresh, tasty and nutritious meals independently