Why do our customers make reliable employees?

Every successful business needs a reliable and consistent workforce. Reliable employees require stable home situations. As part of our holistic service we provide support to our customers to ensure their housing and personal situation is stable enabling them to be available for work without distractions.

How can customers can benefit your business?

Punctual staff We advise and support our customers on appropriate routines to ensure they are prepared for work i.e. setting alarms, preparing clothing and lunch and organising transport.
Well presented staff – We advise on personal hygiene and personal presentation, an important aspect when dealing with members of the public.
Attendance you can rely on – Given the difficulties in Lincolnshire with public transport, particularly in the most rural areas getting to work can be a challenge. Some disabled people are entitled to subsidised transport through the DWP’s Access To Work (A2W) programme. Our customers using A2W are not limited to public transport and the restrictions this can place on an employee. The A2W programme provides reliable taxi transport to and from work. This ensures that employers can rely on consistent attendance regardless of their location