Tess provides innovative alternatives to traditional daycentre services.

We can offer a daytime service on an individual basis or a few like minded friends could join together for a group activity.

We can provide support to access the community for leisure pursuits such as swimming or bowling. We can facilitate and support people to meet up with friends for lunch, a coffee or a couple of  drinks in the local pub. These are just a few ideas, we will be happy to  look at supporting any suggestions your clients  may have.

We are able to offer a reliable daytime respite service to give family and carers short breaks. Based in the home we can provide this sitting service for a minimum of two hours per session. Tess can provide experienced people to support these and many more activities. Tell us what your client would like to do and we can provide them with the people to  support them achieve their wishes.All staff are regularly CRB checked and Tess is currently working through the CQ registration process. We can help people to maintain friendships, wellbeing, prevent social isolation and meet new people, seven days a week.

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