On receipt of your referral we will arrange to meet with you within 14 days.

We will undertake various assessments, including basic skills in numeracy and literacy using the Basic Skills Agency assessment.

Together with your client we will write a Vocational Profile, which records education, qualifications, skills and experience.  It also records a person’s aspirations, and will identify where they may need support for independent living or employment, what training they may benefit from and will also highlight what jobs would be suitable for them. It may be that your client requires support to gain voluntary work or may be interested in a paid employment opportunity. We will also support someone to become self-employed.

Once the best/most appropriate/suitable form of employment has been identified, we will look at how this can best be delivered for your client.

How we can support your client’s employment:

Once we have identified your client’s employment needs, together with your them we will plan how these needs will be met using our SMART PDP.  The Personal Development Plan is an important agreement we will have in place. The plan will highlight what your client’s goals are for training and how these goals are to be achieved.  We will agree together how often we will review the plan. This way you can clearly see how much progress your client has made. If your client is using their Individual Budget to purchase our service then we will ensure that needs identified on their ‘Support Plan’ are reflected within the PDP

We offer a range of support to enable your client to fully access their employment.  Once they are in employment, and this can be paid or unpaid, we will help them to work with their employer to set some ‘in work’ goals and also to agree the reasonable adjustments that may be required within the workplace.

We offer a range of support to enable your client to fully access their employment.  It may be that through their profile it has been identified that they require support to prepare for the workplace.

This could include the following:
  • Work preparation which includes all aspects of being in the workplace from work ethic, behaviour in the workplace, to understanding the role of unions etc
  • We can support periods of work experience.  Work experience is an excellent way to have a taste of a job giving the opportunity to decide if it is the type of work your client would like to do.  It also is a good opportunity to assess their skills in a commercial environment and can give some idea on any potential ‘reasonable adjustments’ that may be required when they move into paid employment
  • We will help to make a ‘better off’ calculation when paid work is chosen so that your client is aware of how many hours they can work.
  • We can support your client to write and update their Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • We can support them to complete effective job searching and to market potential employers, eg through helping them to become familiar with using the computers at Jobcentre Plus office, introducing them to the Disability Employment Adviser at the Jobcentre Plus office in their area, accessing job searching on-line etc
  • If required we can assist your client in the completion of application forms
  • We can accompany them to any interviews they are invited to attend
  • We have future plans to develop opportunities within the local community to provide our customers with a route to employment. This will include opportunities to work in the fields of horticulture, cleaning, laundry services etc
Once employment has been gained we again can support your client in a variety of ways
  • Support in preparing them for their first day eg travel plans which could include travel training to familiarise you with the route to work, clothes for the workplace, timetable for the week before/day before/morning you start work to ensure you arrive on time and fully prepared
  • We can accompany them on their first day at work supporting with the induction process, helping them to understand the employer’s health and safety policies and procedures, fire procedures etc
  • Job coaching is available to your client within the workplace, as and when this support is identified as appropriate by our service and/or the employer. It is usual for the employer to provide their own workplace ‘buddies’.
  • We can accompany your client to any sign posted training identified by the employer, for the first session, to offer moral support and to make sure your client is comfortable.  If required we can continue this, to support your client’s literacy and numeracy needs.

We specialise in supporting people who have low level literacy and numeracy skills, and employ fully qualified and experienced job coaches, qualified to the standards recommended in Valuing Employment Now.

The Personal Development Plan will be reviewed on a regular basis as and when required. This review will usually involve meeting with the employer to discuss the progress made and identify areas where more work/training or support is needed.

We do promote independence and the support we offer will be withdrawn as soon as is practical, however we will always be available should our services be required, and many people will always need some form of support even if this is just a phone call or monitoring visit once in a while.