Our vision is that those people who are under-represented in employment, and disadvantaged in our society, are valued as equals. They will share the same opportunities to fulfil their potential and lead full and varied lives following the path they choose.

People with disabilities frequently make excellent employees, they are reliable and motivated they are working often because they want to rather than due to necessity. Often employers are not aware that their employees have a disability as it does not necessarily follow that a disability will have a negative impact on a persons ability to carry out tasks. However sometimes there will be barriers, what we have found is that most ‘barriers’ can be overcome by being imaginative, innovative and all parties willing to look for answers. This is where we can be of assistance, we have extensive experience of supporting disabled people and their employers to overcome barriers that are both practical and social.

We work directly with disadvantaged jobseekers and with employers. In supporting this group of people to achieve their potential we also support local business by providing reliable, motivated and trustworthy staff.

Direct support for employers. – what we can do for you

Our aim is to provide you with a quality, responsive and person centred service. In order to achieve this we will want to get to know you, to understand your business, your market and your recruitment needs.

We can provide assistance with:
  • Recruitment – providing advice to ensure you meet anti-discrimination legislation
  • Job carving – taking a new approach to job descriptions, making best use of your employees.
  • Introduce you to potential employees
  • Advise on selection process – is an interview the best practise?
  • Support new staff through your induction process
  • Advise on making the induction process accessible to all
  • Advise on Disability Discrimination Act and any necessary implications i.e. reasonable adjustments
  • Provide Disability Awareness and How to Support Disabled Employees Training
  • We have staff training in TSI who are available to provide hands on job coaching support to employees who need extra support to learn their role,  new tasks  or new routine. Working side by side with your employee until they have reached the required standard of work.
  • Advising on long term support of vulnerable employees through a Buddy System.
  • Meeting accreditation standards such as Investors in People award and Positive about Disability.
Direct support for your employee
  • Support new staff through your induction process
  • Support the understanding  of and implementation of Reasonable Adjustments
  • Provide a dedicated Job Coach
  • Support their integration into your staff team
  • Support Access to Work applications – for work place equipment or transport to work
  • Support to maintain their tenancy
A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is the tool used to identify and monitor the service provided.

To ensure your employee is provided with the appropriate support together we will write a PDP which details the goals to be achieved, the actions required to achieve these goals and who is responsible for each action. The plan is SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. The plan will be reviewed at agreed appropriate intervals to monitor progress and adjust as necessary. As the employer this will require commitment from you, the PDP can be used as an integral tool in your supervision and appraisal procedure.

Please contact us in confidence to discuss your particular needs and for further information.