Who We Are

Tess is a Community Interest Company (CIC). CIC’s are limited companies created for the use of people who want to run their business for the benefit of the community, not for private gain.

This is achieved by the ‘community interest test’ and ‘asset lock’ which ensure that the CIC is established for community purposes and the assets and profits are dedicated to these purposes. The CIC Regulator approves the registration and is responsible for monitoring of the CIC. Find out more about CIC’s >

At Tess we endeavour to provide a quality service with the customer at the heart of all we do. We treat staff and customers fairly and with respect, and we abide by the General Social Care Council’s Codes of Practice.

We work in partnership with our customers and their support networks to help people to achieve their goals in life.

Our work includes:

Training a wide range of training opportunities to prepare for employment, independent living and self development

Employmentwork preparation, vocational profiling, job search and in work support by qualified staff

Support personalised support to maintain tenancy, build a network of support and be an active member of your local community

Solutionsadvice and support to employers to embrace diversity supporting schools and colleges to ensure inclusion and prepare students for the work place, educating and challenging prejudice

The founding members of Tess are Ingrid Lyon and Carol Vasey:

We are the directors of Tess CIC and together we have over 40 years experience of working with vulnerable people within Lincolnshire County Council. We have gained extensive experience working in the fields of learning and physical disability and mental health.

Within Tess we now have the opportunity to build a truly holistic, responsive service for our customers and we intend to use the skills and knowledge we have gained to ensure we deliver our vision and ‘unlock the potential’ of all our customers.

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