Our Aim

Our Vision

Our vision is that those people who are under-represented in employment, and disadvantaged in our society, are valued as equals. They will share the same opportunities to fulfil their potential and lead full and varied lives following the path they choose.

Our Values

Person Centred – You as a customer will be at the centre of all that we plan and deliver. Our service is responsive to the choices you make.
– We respect your choices and you will be in control and have responsibility for decision making
Respectful of diversity
– We welcome and encourage everyone regardless of age, gender, transgender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion.
Challenging unfairness inequality and discrimination
– We will work with you to be your advocate intervening as and when necessary, and using education to break down barriers.
Responsive, innovative, creative
– We offer a bespoke service taking account of your wishes, helping you to face challenges and stretch boundaries.

Our Mission (how we deliver our vision)
  • To directly support the individual to maintain stability and independence in their own home
  • To directly support the individual to contribute to and be a valued member of the community
  • To directly support the individual to develop skills, to gain and maintain employment
  • To work with schools, colleges and training organisations to ensure inclusion
  • To work with employers to embrace diversity

Take a look at our Equality and Diversity Policy>

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